Audio Restoration

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We can help when you need to work from sources such as cassette, vinyl, or DAT. Depending on how it has been stored, these already limited mediums can suffer varying degrees of degradation, so restoration is required.

Audio Restoration 

Improvements to the audio are only relative to the quality of the source material. If you have several copies of the same cassette, please take the time to analyze them carefully and chose the best quality ones to send as the source. A high-quality well-calibrated playback device is required to get an optimal sound from the cassette before being digitally transferred. Then the cassette needs to be transferred digitally at an optimal level with no clipping occurring. After this, careful attention is paid to removing noise and applying equalization to compensate for the frequency response of the transfer medium. Following this, the audio is edited, which includes the beginnings and endings of tracks being cut. Where possible, and if required, degraded sections are replaced or repaired. This can be a time-consuming process. Every second of audio is analyzed, and different approaches are taken to fix errors. This can range from running time-consuming repair algorithms to finding repetitions of sections in the same song and replacing the damaged sections with repetitions. After the best repair job is completed, the audio is remastered, applicable to its new release format. 

Even well-stored and cared for records can accumulate dirt over time, so before the digital transfer, I would always recommend cleaning your records before. There is much information online about the process, and it is safe if done correctly. Still, I will always ask permission beforehand if I am asked to make the transfer. As with cassettes, a well-calibrated record player with a good stylus is needed for a high-quality transfer. Once a transfer is made, the electrical noise of the record player, which is inherent to a degree in any device, can be eliminated. Surface noise and crackle are removed along with any pops. Afterward, the material is edited (beginnings and endings clipped, damaged sections replaced or repaired) and remastered appropriately. My goal is to present a finished product with no signs of being sourced from vinyl. Still, as with any analog source, the results are determined by the source material's condition.

I use other companies to do the transfer for a competitive price and work from the source material they provide me afterward. Feel free to contact me for details.


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