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Re-amping is a technique where your guitar, bass, or synth’s unprocessed DI signal is routed and re-recorded through amplifiers, cabinets, and other external processing units.

Does my project need reamping?

Re-amping is becoming common as more bands are recording themselves or only partially recording in the studio. Still, not everyone has the equipment or space to record loud amplifiers. Re-amping is also very useful if you are unsatisfied with your recording and feel that it could be improved.

What equipment do you have available for reamping my project?

Here at Resonance Sound, I have an ever-growing collection of very high-quality amplifiers, pre-amps, pedals, and cabinets at my disposal for your re-amping needs. Be it a specific requirement or help to choose the right equipment for your sound, we can help. Contacts with local musicians mean that I may rent something if it isn’t in my collection, so please ask!

See equipment list below.

What do you need to re-amp my tracks?

First and foremost, I need clean DI recordings of your instruments. Record them at a reasonable level but not peaking. The more the tracks need boosting, the more noise it will introduce, and the more your tone is sacrificed. So, get your levels right before you record! I usually suggest you aim for your peaks to be around -3dB.

Alongside the DI tracks, I ask for the rest of your recording to be sent along with it. That way, I can better understand how the tracks sound and can sculpt a sound that works for the recording.

What takes place following the reamping process?

After the re-amping process, the finished recordings need to be edited. This includes the beginnings and endings of the tracks, amplifier noise, and any electrical interference that sometimes finds its way into tracks recorded in home studios. I aim to present you with high-quality sounding tracks ready to use for your mix.


Crate GX130C
Mesa Boogie Mark V
Peavey 6505

Wampler Triple Wreck

Boss CE-2 Waza
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone [Modded]
DOD FX-56B Super American Metal
Dunlop Crybaby
Eventide Space
Fulltone Clyde Wah
Fulltone Full-Drive 2
Maxon OD808
Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser
Strymon Timeline
Strymon El Capistan

Speaker Cab
Mesa Boogie Oversized 4x12 [modified 2x Celestion V30, 2x Electro-voice EVM 12L]

Electro-voice RE20
Shure SM57
Sennheiser MD421

Palmer DACCAPO Reamping Box
Palmer PGA04 Loadbox

Audio Assault Bulldog
Mercuriall Reaxis
Mercuriall Amp Box
Neural DSP Darkglass Ultra
Neural DSP Fortin Nameless Suite
Neural DSP Parallax
Positive Gride Bias Amp 2
Universal Audio Ampeg SVT-VR
Universal Audio Eden WT800
Universal Audio Engl E646 VS Limited Edition
Universal Audio Engl E765 Retro Tube
…plus a huge collection of speaker IR’s from Ownhammer, Redwirez, Rosen Digital, and more.


Resonance is Dan Lowndes' labor of love, providing the finest quality sound, with uncompromising audio integrity. Without biting your head off.

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