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Once your recording and edits are complete, you’re ready to move onto the next step in the process that brings all your work together, mixing.

What is mixing?

Mixing is where individually recorded, and edited tracks are put together and sculpted using equalization, compression, leveling, panning, and effects into a stereo (or sometimes mono) track ready for mastering.

How long will it take to mix my album?

This is a difficult question to answer. It depends on the number of tracks, number of songs, the amount of variety between the songs, length of the songs. I usually quote a day per song, but revisions are almost always required. As long as revision notes are clear, an album's worth of revisions typically takes about one day.

How much will mixing my album cost?

Mixing prices are charged per (8-hour) day. How long it takes depends on the number of tracks and the complexity and length of the album. Once your tracks have been reviewed, we'll be able to provide a more accurate turnaround time, excluding revisions.


Editing can include anything from small details such as clipping out drum count-ins, amplifier noise, and unwanted breaths from your singer. These are relatively simple and quick edits to make. However, drum editing is time-consuming but necessary to get a good, tight performance. Drum editing can take anything from 1-3 days in most cases, depending on what you, the artist, want from the performance.

Before sending your files over for mixing:


Edit Audio Files

All files need to be edited before they're transferred to us for mixing. Are the tempo, rhythm, and intonation accurate?

Check Audio Files

Ensure that your files are not clipping and that they have a few decibels of headroom (about 3 dB, roughly).

Before Exporting

Ensure that all files start from the correct starting point, at the same sample rate and bit-rate they were recoded at. Be sure that your files are in .wav or .aiff format.

Name Audio Files

Name your files clearly, such as Guitar 1, Guitar 2, Bass Guitar, Snare, Lead Vocal, etc.

Additional files to include if available:

  • Tempo tracks can be submitted as MIDI files, Cubase, or Pro Tools sessions.
  • Drum triggers  If you've used drum triggers, please include the trigger audio and MIDI information.
  • Clean Guitar and Bass Tracks Send DI (direct inject) from the instruments as .aiff or .wav files.

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